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MESSAGE: Hi Brian!! I’m not sure if you still use this email address – I was just goingthrough some boxes and found my old middle school yearbook (go Cougars!!!!! Remember??) and you told me to keep in touch. Sorry it’s taken me 14 years to write to you! To be honest, I had a pretty big crush on you back then, and wanted to wait until I got rid of the headgear and back brace and figured out that weird rash thing on my neck and face. Well, as of last week, I am officially rash-free so I thought I’d shoot you an email and see if you still wanted to see The Blair Witch Project sometime! I know we talked about it once and I invited you to come see it with my parents, but you said your dad wouldn’t let you see R rated movies. Well, he won’t stand in your way anymore, haha!! I’m sorry about your loss, by the way. He was a good man.


Anyway, let me know when you’re free!






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Hi Brian!!! This is soooo random but I was just at J B Fine Foods Market in Berkeley and I was talking to the guy behind the counter and he said that you come in sometimes! Soooo random. We haven’t seen each other since middle school, right? When I sat behind you in Mrs. Dewalt’s science class in fourth period, room 203, over by the windows? You asked me for a pencil once, but I didn’t have an extra? I carried extra pencils every day from then on, but I guess you did too because you never asked me again! Haha!!


Anywho, I’ve been to the market every day this week because I keep forgetting ingredients I need for dinner! I know what you’re thinking: she can cook AND she always has extra pencils?? Sign me up to go on a date with HER! LOL! But I haven’t seen you at the market, even though the guy behind the counter says you shop there. I’m actually at the market right now!! When do you usually do your shopping? It would be cool to just casually run into each other one day, if






SUBJECT: Hi again


Hi Brian,


It was nice running into you at J B Market earlier today. Sorry I didn’t recognize you at first, or believe you when you kept saying who you were and tried to keep typing a message on my phone. I guess it’s just been a long time! Last time we saw each other, I was the nerd in the back brace and you were the heartthrob basketball player! Who could have guessed either of those things by looking at us now??


I really appreciate your offer to get dinner sometime, but like I said, I’m really busy with work and I just got out of a long relationship and most of my cats really hate it when men come over. Have fun at that BBQ this weekend (although not TOO much fun – maybe stick to salad and light beer???)




P.S. Do you remember Alex Lavidge? We all had 6th grade English together? Do you have his email address – or better yet, a current photo?? Hahahaha!!!!


P.P.S. A handy way to remember portion size is that a single serving of meat is about the size of your fist. And diet soda tastes just as good!!!




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