Bubbe: Charles Bonnet Syndrome


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My Bubbe turned one hundred in June 2015. She is entirely blind from her macular degeneration and has lost most of her hearing. While I do not remember a time when she didn’t have sight or hearing problems, she only recently began to lose her mind. I no longer find it funny to walk away unseen while she is in the middle of a particularly vicious rant about a family member. Two years ago, we could still debate whether the women’s liberation movement had a longterm impact on stopping sexism. The last time I saw her, she could only speak about her own memories and hallucinations.


Charles Bonnet Syndrome Part 1 by RK


Charles Bonnet Syndrome Part 2 by RK

Rebecca Katz is your very average white, Jewish, twenty something year old who grew up in Brooklyn and likes to talk about oppression, privilege, television, and her vagina. When she isn’t talking with college students about privilege and oppression in Austin, she is working on a longer comic loosely based on her childhood babysitter. You can find more of her comics at katzcomics.tumblr.com


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