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“When are you coming to see me again? It could be the last time to visit me while I am alive.” My grandmother has been using her imminent death as a weapon since she was (relatively) young. It is almost as if she thought we would not return otherwise. Using the specter of her upcoming death, she would wring out a promise from us to return for Passover or “You never know, next Pesach, I might be dead.”


Post-its by RK001

Post-its by RK002


Rebecca Katz is your very average white, Jewish, twenty something year old who grew up in Brooklyn and likes to talk about oppression, privilege, television, and her vagina. When she isn’t talking with college students about privilege and oppression in Austin, she is working on a longer comic loosely based on her childhood babysitter. You can find more of her comics at katzcomics.tumblr.com

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