The Bukowski vs. Shakespeare Quiz


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In the following quiz, you are to circle the poem titles written by William Shakespeare and then circle the poem titles written by Charles Bukowski. Note: if you need assistance, there are currently over one million unemployed English majors in the United States, so—due to their unemployment—it is OK to text them these titles to get their input. I recommend just texting the title of the first poem without anything else added to it and then wait to see what they text you back. (It will probably be the correct answer. Many English majors can tell the difference between Shakespeare and Bukowski. Note: this does not apply to Medievalists or Creative Writing MFAs.)


1) About My Very Tortured Friend, Peter

2) i wanted to overthrow the government but all i brought down was somebody’s wife

3) Sonnet #7

4) Sonnet #3

5) a 340 Dollar Horse and a Hundred Dollar Whore

6) Girl in a Miniskirt Reading the Bible Outside My Window

7) Sonnet #98

8) The Great Slob

9) To the Whore Who Took My Poems

10) Sonnet #1


The answer key: do not read this until you have completed the quiz.

The answer key (once you have completed the quiz): All of the titles should be circled at this point as all of the poems are written by either Sir William or Sir Charles.

Quick hint #1: Shakespeare was not good with titles. He actually named a play His True Chronicle of the life and death of King LEAR and his three daughters With the unfortunate life of EDGAR, fonne and heire to the Earle of Glofter, and his fullen and affumed humor of TOM of Bedlam, which most farmers in Kansas agree is one of the worst titles of all time, along with Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America (which he did not write).

Quick hint #2: Bukowski liked whores.

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