Bad Names for Kentucky Derby Contenders


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Mule Gait

Ole Gluehoof

Farewell Pension

Tomorrow’s Alpo

Dr. Horseypants, Attorney at Law

Secretary@ 2.0

Snoqualmie Slew

War Sailor Third Class

Dust Blind

Spirit of Defeat

Wistful Stablebody

Julep Woozy


Wasted Wager

Idler of the Nile

Finishes Last

Bob Evans, the Horse

Laggard Ironlegs

Pride of No One

Gimpy Gallant



Bum Shin

Brokeleg Debutante

Squandered Bet

Man O’ Tiddlywinks

Post Lingerer

Anabolic Express

Two Men in Horse Suit

Horse Whisperer, Fils

Articulate Ed

Bred by Mistake

George W. Thoroughbred IV

Dying Willie

Lazy Oat-Chewer


Gallant Mule

Suburban Omaha

Tupac’s Pal Barbaro

Racecar Cleverly Disguised As Horse



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