Neutrons/ Protons is a journal of literary humor and comics.

Here are the two things we like to publish THE MOST: thoughtful satire (maybe, if we’re being snobby, one might describe what we’re looking for as “high-brow”), and comics.

Here are other things we will publish: funny literary nonfiction; narratives that we consider idiosyncratic; well-crafted, ironic and self-aware lists; well-researched works on unusual subjects; graphic essays; video essays (particularly of the animated persuasion); stuff about cats; stuff about dinosaurs; excellent and exceptionally short plays; recipes that are somehow more.

Here are things we will NOT publish: Ordinary fiction, or poetry.

This journal was founded in New Orleans in 2013. It is now headquartered in Chicago. We publish online and in print as we have the means and man power to do so.

Words that have been used to describe this journal by other literary types are: “irreverent,” “unusual,” and “lots of cat pictures.”



Sophie Lucido Johnson – editor-in-chief – sophie@neutronsprotons.com

Kyle Sheehan – artistic director  – kyle@neutronsprotons.com

Alexis Johnson – web manager – alexis@neutronsprotons.com

Brian Fabry Dorsam – comics editor – brian@neutronsprotons.com

contributing editors and readers: Aaron Mandel, Laura Maylene Walter, Sarah Meyer, Mike Spara, Noah Tapper


Read some three-sentence biographies about these people if you want to.


Q: How can I submit writing to this journal?

A: Why, just follow this link! There you will find specific guidelines, and EVEN MORE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS! You can’t go wrong.


Q: Can you be more specific about what you want to see in each section?

A: Just send in something that will make us laugh, or something that has pictures you drew yourself. OK?


Q: What does this pay?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t pay anything right now. We are a humble nonprofit, making no money. Actually, we’re losing money. But we do it anyway, because we love it SO MUCH.


Q: What about poetry and fiction?

A: We love them! In other peoples’ literary magazines.


Q: Do you have a print edition?

A: Yes! We publish quarterly in print.


Q: How do I get published in the print edition?

A: Get published in the online edition. We pick the best online stuff and put it in print. We’ll tell you if you’re picked.


Q: Do contributors get contributors’ copies of the print editions?

A: Yes!


Q: What is the weirdest, cutest animal?

A: Wombat.


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