Brian Fabry Dorsam – comics editor

In one timeline, Brian is a groundbreaking evolutionary biologist responsible for the prevailing theory of genetic mutation, comparable in importance to Darwin’s theory of evolution itself. In another timeline, he’s a spacetime-bending inventive botanist who helps terraform distant planets for future-human relocation. In this timeline, he makes comics.

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Alexis Johnson – web manager

Alexis lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves chocolate chips. Holla.

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Sophie Lucido Johnson

Sophie is a writer, comedian, and teacher in Chicago, IL. She has written for The Guardian, McSweeney’s, Jezebel, VICE, and plenty of others. She doesn’t have any actual cats. JUST KIDDING, OBVIOUSLY.

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Aaron Mandel – contributing editor

Aaron is out in San Francisco and is into birdwatching, improv comedy and Frisbee.  He has a podcast at and will only enjoy chocolate with a cacao content of 68 percent to 88 percent.


Laura Maylene Walter – contributing editor

Laura is an author, editor, cat owner, and mango aficionado in Cleveland. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications ranging from prestigious literary journals to the glamorous pages of Cat Fancy. Her most recent fiction surrounds virginity, necrophilia, cannibalism, and other family-friendly topics.


Sarah Meyer – contributing editor

Sarah received an MFA in writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She still lives in Chicago, with a cat named Ghostbusters.


Kyle Sheehan – artistic director

Kyle loves to make things out of just about anything.  He studied filmmaking in Colorado and philosophy in Maryland, loves bees, bicycles, house plants, and his favorite color is green.  He blogs and aggregates at .

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Mike Spara – contributing editor

Mike Spara is a writer / actor / comedian in a poly-hyphenate world.  He writes grants so he can pretend to be a billionaire philanthropist when he isn’t doing sketch with Stupid Time Machine or wordless solo comedy as Conversations with Body Language. He reps for The New Movement NOLA specifically and local comedy scenes in general.


Noah Tapper – contributing editor

Noah Tapper grew up in Southern Vermont and lives in New Orleans, where he is a writer, musician, and barista. He enjoys biking, karaoke and mythology. He takes pictures of public messages he sees around town and puts them on the Internet. His Instagram (Nola_Signage) is here, and his Tumblr is here.


Elizabeth Williams – content manager, copy editor

Originally from Virginia, she now works as a technical editor and field technician at an archaeology consulting company based in New Orleans. It’s okay if you don’t understand what those designations actually mean. She digs stuff up with a shovel.


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